Englisch translations  by Greet Paalman ,  Christian Oerlemans, Darafayen en mijzelf 2001 ©ģ


Performance in concert Cristina Branco after her  'corpo iluminado' she inspired me! ( Alkmaar 'De Vest' at 13 maart 2004 ) 

Cristina Branco

my head rest
on my shoulders

drag me
with both hands
to your octaves

I do not
your voice

my heart

through all
that sad
of beauty

the shutters
of my soul



Gently my fingers
go through your hair,
past you eyes,
causing a glare.
The lance of your eyes,
the moment indeed,
a quick smile,
and our lips meet.

(vrij vertaald door Darafayen


Satanic system

(song from Retrospectief)

How do I escape
This satanic system.
I drown, I gasp for breath.
Computer virus infects, 
Files take power, 
No control Iíve got. Mobile phone call, motorway,
Fate and accident.
My dearest one, my love is dead,
O God, she sheltered me
And now I'm lost, 
The end!

(translation Greet Paalman )


Let me help my friend

(song from Retrospectief)

Let me help my friend.
Subconscious man, you know it:
The source of all is melody, 
Waves are bearing you.
Song and dance your language, 
Rhythm heals what's broken. 
Stop and stay awhile, 
You cannot deny it, please, 
Set free your mind and 
Give it peace, be quiet.
Turn round and look at me,
You cannot deny it, really!

(translation Greet Paalman)


Print my life

(song from Retrospectief)

Print my life, please,
Page by page with what I did.
Let me Scroll,
Page Up and Down. 
Control it Home and End,
Save it or forget, 
Remove it, everything. 
Loss my mind with what I did,
Enter and Escape, 
I gave away my bloody brains,
Emptiness destroyed!

(translation Greet Paalman)


Goddess of Fado

Like a willing prey she holds me, mesmerized,
her sadness and joy triumph

like a siren with voluptious arms outstrechted,
she lifts me and shows me, -high above her head-
to the waters and the evening-red sky

her burning eyes set me on fire
she drags me across the Pradoís, and steps of Alfama
throws me on the Praca do Comercio like a sacrifice
on the altar of the Taag

she spreads her black xaile over my trembling body
her voice begins a tender song carving forever, razor-sharp
the Fado into my heart; saudade and Grace

her voice caresses and whispers: this is what you wanted, 
isnít it, come and go down the broad steps into the river and let
your body languidly float, glide on thin strings of guitarras
on the waters of the Taag, soft and slowly

in visions you sail over the Lisbon hills
past churches, monasteries and palaces
Barrio Alto, Cidade Baxia and Belťm
saudade and grace; sings her voice

when later you awake my love from darkly sweet dreams
when your heart is torn by yearning,
you will remember me and know that after many years
Iím not faded away in time

I have fulfilled my sad pursuit saudade unveiled in secrecy 
solely for those who are desperate without me
listen to me my lover; listen to my song

(translation Greet Paalman)


Will Kellerman (Schilderes)

No, I do not want to
find words
to translate the colour
of her caresses

lifting one up
floating away
in a thousand dreams
abandoned in beauty

See, I cannot refrain
from describing
yet begrudging another 
her splendour 

(translation Christian Oerlemans)


My Dream

My dream
Is dreaming dreams of love
With joy and tenderness.
Awake and see
Your eyes and smiling smile.
Your tender lips.
Your kisses soft.
But I see tears.
Let flow my love,
Don't think you've lost.
Taste salt of sorrow.
Yes cry my love,
Yes cry.
Those tears you've got
Are not for nothing.
They purify


Medina Malta

Medina silent city.
Not any speaking part.
No talking man.
Silent noon.
No sound of silent sun.
Softly shadows.
Slumbering softly
When times go by.
In passing softly silent days.
Silent morn and silent noon.
In silent nights.
I close my eyes
And hear
Your silent voice.


That Mighty Rock

I sleep and dream.
Fly and see below
White fringed with blue.
Feel that heart against my soul.
See walls, not tumbling down, 
But upright strong and proud.
I'm enchanted
Deep inside.
Please tell me love,
Where are your fighting conquerors.
See the cannon left!
With balls defend
That mighty rock.
That King of kings.
That God will never die.
His voice will scream
Like thunderstorms.
Malta that's my name.
Once and forever!


direct door mij in het Engels geschreven

 Poetry in love

what words
canít say



when the moment
is  there
I die again

what brings



you look at me
without words
and sparkling eyes

It says enough


I want you

for God sake
I want your
hot body

but only
in my dreams

Iím not there
itís somebody else


Iím her father

Iím always

keep her
in touch

may be
sheís  thinking
let him!

Itís my life
sheís right

I  thought
the  same


sheís my child!